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                Shareholders' Meeting
                Type of Meeting Date of Meeting Time Location Materials
                General Shareholders' Meeting 2019-05-31 9:00 am 15F., No.99, Fuxing N.Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan.
                Notice for Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
                Manual for Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
                Annual Report

                Results of 2019 Annual Shareholders' Meeting

                  Matters Result
                NO.1 Acknowledgement of the 2018 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements and Operation Report ■ Approve
                □ Reject
                NO.2 Acknowledgement of the 2018 Profit Distribution Plan ■ Approve
                □ Reject
                NO.3 Revision of Handling Procedures of Acquisition and Disposal of Assets ■ Approve
                □ Reject
                NO.4 Revision of Operation Procedure for the Provision of Guarantee ■ Approve
                □ Reject
                NO.5 Revision of Operation Procedure for the Provision of Loan ■ Approve
                □ Reject
                NO.6 Revision of Procedural Rules of General Meetings ■ Approve
                □ Reject
                NO.7 Revision of Procedural Rules of the Board of Directors ■ Approve
                □ Reject
                NO.8 Adoption of the Measures for Election of Directors ■ Approve
                □ Reject
                NO.9 Revision of Memorandum and Articles of Association ■ Approve
                □ Reject